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Win An 8GB PenDrive Free : Creative Mobile Photography Competition

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Have you been a mobile photographer ?
Have you got a skill at taking Funny, Creative and Unique Photographs in your mobile ?

The Navodaya Club brings you an opportunity to Win an 8GB Pendrive for your Skill and Creativity :)

Upload the most interesting, funny, creative, rare and unique photographs you have taken from your mobile phone. The best photograph contributor wins an 8GB Pendrive !

How to Participate:

1. Click the Facebook Share button above to share this offer with the "What's on your Mind" as one of the following statements, you can also manually share the link to this page with one of the following statements. Alternatively if you have an orkut account you could make your "What's on your Mind" status to one of the following Statements, or you could Buzz it too similarly.

  • Win An 8GB PenDrive at in Creative Mobile Photography Competition
  • Become a Member at to Win An 8GB PenDrive !

Upload your photograph taken from a mobile phone at the PhotoZone of the site under the Album "Creative Photography"
Use the following link to get to the uploading page. CLICK TO UPLOAD
Upload your entry with the existing album"Creative Photography" and click Submit at the bottom. In the next page scroll down to see your photo, Add an appropriate title and caption to the image mentioning the situation, place of event and other relevant details.


3. Comment below in this page mentioning three things

  • 1. Link to Your Facebook/Orkut/Buzz Profile Page.
  • 2. Link to the Uploaded Photo in the site.
  • 3. Link to Your Profile in The Navodaya Club.



Only Navodayans staying in India are eligible to participate in the competition.

Photograph must be taken from a mobile phone only. Digital Camera photographs will not be accepted for entry.

You must have shared the offer on your facebook/ orkut /Buzz  profile as mentioned above, for the entry to be considered as valid.

Multiple entries are ALLOWED ! However you can post one entry per day and you will have to share the link again for each new entry. 


Additional Points:

The result of the competition will be announced on Diwali (November 5th 2010) or after the 30th valid entry; whichever is later ;)

Photos will be judged by our judges on the basis of creativity, uniqueness and photography skills involved. Image quality shall not be a consideration, however you should try to upload the most clear and  legible photos from your creative photographic adventures !

You can additionally and optionally Tweet this offer by clicking the twitter button above and mention link to your tweet or your twitter account.


How to manually share the offer in Facebook and Orkut

To share on facebook you can use the facebook share button at the top of the post. If you wish to share it manually, Post your link(Facebook) or What's on your mind(Orkut profile page) with the statements provided above. The Screenshots of the sharing page is given here under.



Please Note that the creativity and thought provocativeness of the photograph shall be considered while judging the photographs. The true spirit of photography lies in being instantaneous and creative. The camera quality of your mobile should not count until you have successfully captured the context of the scene :)

Here are a few images for your inspiration


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Disclaimer: The Navodaya Club did not receive any form of compensation from Kingston™ Technology to host the prize and the actual prize may vary in looks from the displayed image of the Pendrive.The maximum limit for valid entries may be changed based on frequency of participation. The winners would be required to contact us back within 3Days of result announcement, failing which will entitle the 2nd winner to receive the prize.