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Calvin and Hobbes

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Watch the hyperactive Calvin and his stuffed toy tiger Hobbes who in the mind of Calvin is real.





Written and illustrated by Bill Watterson from 1985 to 1995, Calvin and Hobbes one of the finest comic strips ever created. At the peak of it's popularity it was published by over 2,400 newspapers worldwide. To date, there are 18 Calvin and Hobbes books with over 30 million copies printed.

Calvin: Calvin is an impulsive, imaginative, energetic, curious, intelligent, and often selfish six-year-old. He does frequently escape from his environment into elaborate fantasy worlds of his own creation. Despite his low grades, Calvin has a wide vocabulary range that rivals that of an adult. He has no sense of restraint, he doesn't have the experience yet to know the things that you shouldn't do.

Hobbes: Hobbes is Calvin's stuffed tiger who, from Calvin's perspective, is as alive and real as anyone in the strip. Hobbes is much more rational and aware of consequences than Calvin, but seldom interferes with Calvin's trouble making beyond a few oblique warnings; after all, Calvin will be the one to get in trouble for it, not Hobbes. From Calvin's point of view, Hobbes is an anthropomorphic tiger, much larger than Calvin and full of his own attitudes and ideas. But when the perspective shifts to any other character, readers see merely a little stuffed tiger !

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