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About Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

About Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

  1. What is JNV ?

    JNV - Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalays are an autonomous body works under the department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development. Navodaya Vidyalayas were born as a part of the New Education Policy 1986. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas were planned to set up in all the districts of the country in order to provide a Quality Education to the children with special talents belongs to rural areas.

    The SAMITI (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti)is providing quality education for students so that they can develop in all the aspects in order to meet the challenges of life successfully.

    These Vidyalayas have been brought up with an idea of providing a Quality new generation to the Modern India through the Education with Excellence. The quality education loaded with a strong components of Academic, Culture, Ethos and Values, National Integration, physical education and with a reasonable level of competence.

  2. Aims and Objectives of JNV

    • To provide quality CBSE education for all round development of the students
    • To promote National integration among students through a policy of migration
    • To encourage and promote talent predominantly from rural areas & weaker sections
    • To function as pace setter institution in the district and to be resource centre for promotion of excellence
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About TheNavodayaClub

  1. What is The Navodaya Club

    TheNavodayaClub is an exclusive website for the present and past students of Navodaya. A networking website where Navodayans will be interacting with each other to share their memories, dreams and aspiration, inspite of their varied regional distribution through out the world. The interaction among the alumni has been much stressed in the past however TheNavodayaClub gives a new dimension to the interaction and relationship among all belonging to the Great Navodaya Family. The website has been conceptualised so as to help the students as well as the alumni of Navodaya. It may be regarded as a platform for interaction among the students as well as the alumni from all the Navodayas. The site has been designed to make it easy to understand and navigate through the various pages and features. The site has seen exponential development in the last two years and will keep on fulfilling the expectation of our beloved Navodayans.

    Long Live Navodaya.

  2. Mission and Vision

    As the internet has become an essential aid in networking, it has become easy through social networking sites to keep in touch with old friends and make new friends. Students of Navodaya Vidyalaya are considered to be part of the Great Navodaya Family spread across the world. The need for integration among the Navodayans has given origin to The Navodaya Club, which is a social networking site with all other features to make it the most happening hangout for the Navodayans. TheNavodayaClub intends to bring The Navodaya Family closer through social interaction among the students and alumni.

    The Oblectives Can be Summerised as Follows:

    • International Integration of Navodaya Students & Alumni.

    • Organised Help Resource Generation for Navodaya Students.

    • Concensus generation for improvement of Navodaya System and Traditions.

    • Career Advise and Support for Navodaya Students by Alumni.

    • Platform for Discussion among Navodayans and Portal for Independent Expression of Views, Beliefs and Experiences.


  3. Who is the Alien (Mr. Navodaya) ?

    Mr. Navodaya Bakwas is the Mascot of the site. He is an intelligent Alien from the planet Incognito situated in the outer space 36,00,00,000 lightyears from Earth. He was left out from his spaceship when they had come to earth to find about intelligence of the creatures present on Earth.

    During the conception of the site the designers proposed that the credit for making the site should not be bestowed upon any individual so that the site will never be regarded as some person's or group's site. And that was the time they found Mr. Navodaya Bakwas. He consented to concept and design the website. Ever since he has been the keeper and promoter of the website TheNavodayaClub. Ask More about him at His Profile.

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Registration and Login

  1. How to Register with the Site ?

    To Register Click on the Register Button Present at the Top Right of the Homepage. Fill in all the details. You must Edit your Profile by uploading your photograph as the profile picture. Do not forget to add your details. This may include the JNV you belong to, Year of passout or currently studying. Your Current status. Add your hobbies and interest so as to find a friend sharing similar interest with you.

  2. Alternative Registration for Facebook Users

    If you are a Facebook user then you can register with the site with your Facebook credentials. To register through Facebook into the site you need to choose  Facebook option during the registration and to login choose the "Login with Facebook" option at the top right side of the homepage. But Please use your own phot as the profile pic instead of the facebook profile pic, since thefacebook pic loads delayed and has problems with resizing in the site.

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Contribute your Creation

  1. How can I post my Poems ?

    To post your contributions into thesite you need to be a member of the site. Find the Start Discussion button at the top right of "The Club Forum". Click on it, choose the category as "Poetry and Ghazals". Give a name of the Poem in less than 30 charachters. Write in your poem, you can add font designing to it from the toolbar. Click the Submit Post button to have your poems posted in the forum.

  2. How can I upload my Photos ?

    To upload your photos you need to goto the PhotoZone and under the section User Uploads you can upload your photos. Make sure your photos are properly oriented and are named properly with a suitable caption. Please do not upload meaningless photos since these photos are supposed to reflect Navodaya image and also a log of image in the server hogs a lot of space and might limit the option for other uploads.

  3. How can I send my LoveStories ?

    You can send us your Lovestories to be posted in the LoveZone. You can use the send message in Mr. Navodaya Bakwas's profile to send us a message to post a Love Story. You can send your Love Story written as a word document to us through a mail at

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Writing in the Website

  1. Where in the website can I write my Posts ?

    You can write in The Club Forum and The Club Blog at the JNVzone. In addition you can write your cofessions of Navodaya days at the Secrets menu under the FunZone. To post on walls of your friens, goto the members page and choose your friend's profile. You can write on his/er wall or alternatively send him/er a message. You can comment on all the uploaded photos videos and music in the site. You can share your game experiences under the games too.

  2. Why am I not able to write anything on the site ?

    When a  member joins the site his/er default profile status is "Limited Member" and only allows him/er to browse throughout the site including the restricted areas but it does not allow the limited member to write posts into the website. Completing your profile with your Photo as the Profile Picture upgrades your account status to "Member" enabling you to enjoy all the exclusive features of the site in addition to allowing you to write post replies in forum and blog and create your own topics for discussion in the forum. If you are unable to post in the site check your profile status and update your profile with a profile picture and other details. In any other problem related to account status, drop us a mail from the mail section. We will be reaching you at the earliest.

  3. How do I post a Topic in Forum ?

    Goto the The Club Forum under the JNVzone menu.

    Click on Start Discussion at the top right of the list.

    Choose the apropriate category from the drop down list.

    Give a Topic Title in the box below the category.

    Make sure the topic title length is less than 30 characters so that the full title is visible in the homepage under the sidebar.

    Then write your post. You can change colour size and align the text by choosing options from the top of the text box.

    Click Submit Post to have it posted in the forum.

  4. How do I post a Topic in Blog

    The Club Blog features topics relating to varied categories which the Navodaya students will find useful. If you wish to write a blog topic for The Navodaya Club please convey the topic you want to wright about beforehand. Please note that the post has to be your original writing and try to give as much useful information as you can on the topic. Your topic will be reviewed by our experts before it gets published.

    You are encouraged to express your views or any additional information regarding the topic by posting a reply to the existing blog posts.

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Win Prizes at The Navodaya Club !

  1. How can I win prizes ?

    TheNavodayaClub organises various competitions time to time and offers its winners some cool prizes. You might either get the prize directly or you may be given some Club Credits to redeem your prize from the Prize Gallery. The list of various running offers are present in the "Win Prizes" menu. You can also win some cool software licenses through the "Competition and Prizes"section in the Blog.

  2. What is the Prize Gallery

    The Prize Gallery is the display of the products that are available in stock at any point of time to offer our members as prizes on winning in different competitions. It is a place to redeem your Club Points to get prizes of your choice. To know about the various competitions which are active presenty please see the "Win Prizes" Menu. If you win in some competitions you will be provided with some "Club Points", so that you have the freedom in choosing the prize of your choice. In the Prize Gallery each "Cub Point" is equivalent to 1$. Use your Club Points to select the prizes at the Prize Galley. Send us the name of the products you would like to receive as a prize. The Navodaya Club will be sending you the download links or instructions to get your prize soon.

  3. How to use Club Points

    You can use the Club Points to redeem prizes from the Prize Gallery. If you want some prize which is needs more club pionts than you have, then you can forfeit availing the Club Points and wait for the time you win the next Club Coupon. You can get the desred prize by availing both the ClubCoupons at a time. However remember that if some of the club points remain unutilised in one transaction, you can not avail those remaining points in the next transaction. Another tip if you are planning to gather your club points to avail some desired product with higher value; please note that the products in the Prize Gallery are limited and may not remain untill you have collected sufficient points to avail it. So spend your Club Points wisely !

  4. What is 100th Visitor Competition ?

    Every 100th visitor to TNC gets a chance to win some cool prizes from the prize gallery. Know more about the competition from the Win Prizes Menu. The competition is organised monthly and random entry is selected as the winner. The Club values for this competition are also randomised from 4 to 9 Club Points. Winners can accumulate Club Points to avail Prizes with higher club values.

  5. How to get Club Points by Inviting Friends

    TheNavodayaClub wishes to appreciate your efforts in making the site realise the assigned tagline of being the "The Fastest Growing Navodaya Network". You can invite your Navodaya friends to join The Navodaya Club by clicking the invite button at the top right side in the members page. The Navodaya Club gifts you with Club Points for inviting your friends to join. You need to inform us the name of your invitee to avail the Club Pointsand your friends shoulf have mentioned your name under who invited you to the site question. You do not avail any points if you do not request for the same by sending us the name of your invitee.

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